Columbia USA: The Leader In Value

Columbia is known industry wide for producing the finest electric work vehicles on the market today. It isn’t just the great physical looks with automotive quality paint. It isn’t just the stronger metal in the chassis and body or their superior components. It isn’t just the superior battery design and configurations. It isn’t just the personal service and care given to each customer. It’s all of these and a whole lot more!

Superior Components In Each Columbia Vehicle
Unlike others, our work vehicle motors come with class H insulation that translates into an ability to work harder and longer in demanding environments. Our bodies and frames are made with a thicker gauge of metal, thus making them stronger and more stable to operate. We include many incremental safety features (detailed in a previous email in this series) at no additional cost, putting the operator and surrounding personnel in a much safer work environment. Some units are built with additional wheels to add stability. And please take note of our industry-unique, custom battery configurations based on the work environment to provide superior performance.

We also design our vehicles for ease and low cost of repair. Our engineers design the units to eliminate “knuckle buster” repairs. Repair parts are in stock and sourced in the USA, so there are no long waits for parts to arrive from overseas as is the case with competitive offerings. We get vehicles back to work as fast as humanly possible. The body shells are designed so that if an area is damaged, the panel can be replaced and not require replacing the entire shell. Columbia vehicles are engineered for performance, reliability and longevity, thus delivering a superior value.

(Our Technical Support Specialist, Nick, shows how our designs easily eliminate “knuckle-buster” repairs)

Better Components Assembled By Experienced Team

A very stable, skilled, and dedicated workforce builds each vehicle here in Reedsburg, WI. A team builds each vehicle from the chassis up to ensure it exceeds both yours, and the user’s expectations. They are so proud and confident of what they do that we enclose an insert with its shipment showing the team members and their responsibilities in building that vehicle.

Columbia Is THE Right Choice

When you add up all the impressive advantages that Columbia builds into each vehicle, it is easy to differentiate us from the competition and makes it easy for you to place these outstanding work vehicles in your customer’s’ workplace with great pride and confidence. Our goal, every single day, is to provide Inspired solutions that move our customers!”

So when you are meeting with a customer or prospect, don’t forget to mention these important value attributes:

  • More features at the same price
  • Heavier, more stable chassis
  • Unique battery configurations and designs
  • Faster turnaround for replacement parts
  • Faster, easier access for repairs
  • Less expensive body repairs
  • Lower operating costs
  • Longer operating life
  • Higher resale value
  • Superior team assembly


In short, our vehicles are designed for work! Many competitive offerings are modified golf carts and were never intended to handle the rigors of a work environment. You are helping your customer achieve their goals when you sell Columbia USA electric work vehicles. No vehicle works harder, longer, and safer than a Columbia USA electric work vehicle!

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THIS MONTH’S QUESTION: What is one important value attribute of Columbia work vehicles that you should remember when meeting with a customer or prospect?

Columbia USA
The Leader In Value




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