Innovation Gives Competitive Advantage

Recently you were sent an email sharing the exciting news that Columbia was awarded the prestigious Disney innovation award. This was not a unique experience, as Columbia has built its business on meeting customers’ exact needs through customization and innovation. Our team manufacturing versus the competition’s one-size-fits-all assembly line manufacturing is a competitive difference in how we approach our business and is what sets us apart from all the rest. This remarkable characteristic is simply part of our DNA.

This is not an idle claim. In a month or so you will receive our next email which will detail our history of innovation. All of this material should be used to differentiate Columbia from the cookie-cutter competitive manufacturers. This is a real competitive advantage and should be used by your team to close more deals, close faster, and close at a higher selling price. It’s a win-win-win situation. Customization means better customer solutions. It means happier customers. It means long-term stable customers. It means customers will shop on solutions and not on price, making it easier to close the sale. It makes the average selling price higher. It makes your revenue higher and your sales reps’ commissions higher. Everyone wins!

And our team will be here to support your team on product selection and customization decisions. We will directly confirm the customer’s needs, product selection and customization to ensure the best solution. No placing the burden entirely on your team. We know you have many other priorities and we want to make vehicle selection and customization as effective and seamless as possible.

Focusing on innovation and customization for specific situations and needs changes the dynamic from a commodity mentality and shopping on price to real solutions that meet real customer needs.

This is a very exciting time for both of our organizations and we are excited about our role in helping you meet both your customers’ and your business goals with superior products, superior solutions and superior service.

Columbia USA
The Leader in Innovation